Our Teachers

(Managing Director, Yogafirst Sports Services)

Peewee has been doing yoga for more than 20 years. Her first contact with yoga was regular self practice from an Iyengar Book in her native Philippines, with cardboard sheets for a mat. On weekends she would practice Vajrayana meditation with Khandro Chogyam Drolma. Her foundation in Asana came with her completion of the Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Flow Yoga Certificate. Since then she has exposed herself to a variety of styles and world renowned teachers and is also certified in Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Swing and Kids Yoga. She is behind the creative development of Yogafirst Training Programs.

Her more than 10 years experience in group exercise training and operations with a leading global fitness brand also makes her an encyclopedia of solutions and creative ideas that can help your yoga business prosper.

Peewee’s fun factor and sunny approach to yoga is supported by a firm consciousness for good body alignment and class safety. She blends the coaching skills learned from Les Mills with the internal awareness of her Buddhist Lineage to give a one of a kind yoga experience. She feels the best yoga anyone will ever be able to do is the one that is true to who you are.


Yoga is a chance to reconnect in every possible sense of mind, body and spirit. I believe as a teacher and teacher trainer that facilitating and sharing personal yoga experience on and off the mat offers each individual the opportunity to reconnect to their own personal truth and from there begin the process of reconnecting to the bigger self. Yoga scripture and philosophy is an indispensible guide on our inner journey.

I have practiced ashtanga vinyasa yoga (Mysore style) since 2000 and have seen first hand the value of lineage. I am open minded to other styles and have certification in hatha yoga, kids yoga, pre-natal yoga, yin & restorative yoga.

After many years of teaching and training in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as ERYT500 (Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Trainer) I am committed to supporting the journey of all those wish to share the many benefits of yoga to all others. This goes hand in hand with an ongoing commitment to personal practice with an attitude of non-violence, gratitude, humility and devotion.