Our Story




Yogafirst is the first and leading Dubai-based Yoga Alliance affiliated yoga teacher training school since 2009.
Our philosophy is to provide you with a practical training which fits around your daily commitments. We treat our trainees as individuals whether you are doing this course for your own personal yoga development or you plan to make yoga teaching a full time career or integrate yoga skills into your current employment.


We have trained over a 1000 people in the Middle East and continue to expand our. As a community orientated school, we take an active part in Karma (selfless service) Yoga events such as Yogafest Middle East and Global Mala annual events.




<pWe have been operating in the Middle East for the last 9 years in the following countries: UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan and India. We understand the environment of this region and have through the years fine-tuned our yoga classes to become both successful and non-offensive to diverse cultural and religious sensibilities of the Middle East. Also we make sure that when you complete the training you will know how to teach a class at a very high degree.

Our yoga training is an excellent foundation not only of yoga class instruction but of yoga as a way of life, and of overall self-improvement. We give you the keys to your success not only in yoga but also in life.








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