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Yogafirst was brought about by the desire to reach more people and share to them the benefits of yoga, starting from a place that they understand and can relate to. In a Modern Urban Setting, people come for very physical reasons: all relating to their bodies. Also the average modern lifestyle is very fast paced and their attention span is used to this “always something new” mindset. The modern mind is very scattered and distracted . Because of this it has been experienced that the understandings and expectations regarding yoga classes may vary.

In essence the style we use is Hatha Yoga. It consists of a very balanced sequence of Asanas but also includes pranayama and meditation. It also makes use of vinyasa movements broken by moments of staying in one pose for a long period of time. It is presented in a way that is honest, open, generous, non-invasive and compassionate. Yogafirst instructors “teach with soul”. They inject personal insight and experience into their classes. They are also excellent communicators and understand and respect different beliefs and points of view.

These classes are result oriented – most people nowadays are searching for a certain result and pathways to achieve certain goals and just like any other group exercise discipline we need to deliver their expected results. But most importantly we illuminate the path towards other results that they never even knew existed for them through this program. In true keeping with yoga philosophy we recognize preconceived expectations as a limiting factor to our true potential and take our practice one day at a time, continually amazed at the results.

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