Our Courses


Aerial Flow Yoga uses the yoga swing as a prop to decompress joints, increase circulation, and stimulate the lymphatic system. This increases the metabolism more effectively than yoga “on the ground”. Some of the Benefits include relieves muscular imbalances between right and left sides of body, upper body strength and increased core stability. This program is also very beneficial to all issues of the spine and is a fantastic tool for yogatherapy.

Course duration: 8 days
Requirements: Must have basic 200hour certificate to participate
Certification: 60 hours continuing education with Yoga Alliance

HATHA FLOW (Yoga Alliance 200hour Certificate)
Hatha Yoga is concerned with achieving balance in body and in mind. We use our bodies to learn more about ourselves and out world. Our practice is strong when it needs to be and surrendering when necessary. We combine pranayama and also buddhist meditations. We believe that the best yoga you can do is the one that brings out your true self and that is unique to each amazing individual that we reach.

Course Duration: 200 hours broken into 3 modules of 8 days, or weekends only formats
Requirements: This course is suitable to all levels so long as you have the dedication to practice and progress thru the different levels, exams and stages
Certification: 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certificate