Who We Are

Yogafirst has been offering 200 hour programs in the Middle East since 2009 and has trained hundreds of teachers in the region. Many of our graduates have gone on to successful yoga careers in the UAE and beyond, including the owners of studios in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our graduates are teaching in the most popular yoga centres and gyms throughout the region and our courses are well known and respected in the yoga community.

Peewee Sanchez

(Director, Yogafirst Sports Services)

Peewee has been living, practicing and teaching yoga in the UAE since 2007 and has trained and inspired more yoga teachers than any individual in the Middle East Region (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait). Bringing over 20 years of practice to her teaching, her style of Dynamic Hatha Flow mixed with Vajrayana & Tantric meditation influences and Kriya yoga practices are designed to systematically align your body, transform, heal and liberate consciousness. Peewee has flexibility of body and mind, clear accessible communication and is skilled in adapting to the needs of specific individuals and groups. She helps people to understand how yoga works, take their practice deeper and brings out the best in everyone. Peewee inspires all her students to use their unique talents right away without hesitation. She believes the best yoga you will ever achieve is the one that brings you closer to who you are. Peewee is the director of the annual global mala charity event and is well known for her innovations in swing yoga teacher training worldwide. Peewee is a single mom and lives in Dubai with her 4 teenagers: 2 human children and 2 cats.

Yogafirst Team

We have had consistent feedback about the harmony of our partnership as trainers and we believe that this teamwork and spirit of collaboration is at the heart of Yogafirst’s positive ‘can-do’ flexible attitude in all things we do. We are connected throughout the region to yoga teachers and centres and actively build community around us.

Our Philosophy

is to provide you with a practical training which fits around your daily commitments. We offer a variety of courses including weekend only courses and weekday intensive courses. Yogafirst is unique in the UAE as we spread our courses out over a longer period of time to avoid ‘burn out’ and give our students the opportunity to assimilate information.

Who Studies With Us And Why

We treat our trainees as individuals whether you are doing this course for your own personal yoga development or you plan to make yoga teaching a full time career or integrate yoga skills into your current employment. Our courses are for everyone. We have had students of a wide variety of nationalities, ages (from 17 to 60+) of all body types (from slim to voluptuous). We have a ‘you are good enough’ mentality. As a result of our courses, many graduates have chosen to take a new and positive direction in their life with a new outlook on their own abilities.

What Is Our Approach And Philosophy?

Our attitude is honest, open, generous, non-invasive and compassionate. We understand that yoga is a process and have both had long and colourful journeys on the path of life and yoga; we are householder yogis with 2 children each. Intensive yoga courses such as this 200 hour course provides an excellent opportunity to discover your true self; a beautiful process of self enquiry. Our philosophy is that Yogafirst instructors ‘teach with soul’ and inject personal insight and experience into their classes. We also know the importance of excellent communicators and understand and respect different beliefs and points of view. Most importantly, we aim to ensure that Yogafirst Teachers teach with understanding, knowing the science behind the methods of why yoga works and how. We do not tie graduates down to one point of view but empower our trainees with understanding and encourage them to find their own yoga style and practice – to be the best versions of themselves, not to become copies of us.

How Good Does My Asana Practice Have To Be?

We welcome students with a strong yoga asana practice. However, we also believe that 200 hour courses are a foundation in yoga study. If you have a passion for yoga, we do not require you to be able to do a headstand or a full wheel or in fact any posture. The most important thing is that you are sure you have enough interest in yoga to want to commit to a demanding course in order to develop your yoga practice and share it with others who may benefit.

What Kind Of Yoga Do We Teach?

The asana style we teach is dynamic vinyasa flow yoga from the Krishnamcharya lineage (we are influenced by Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga). We ensure that you are given a rounded view of yoga asana and also offer insight into the yin practice and restorative yoga to ensure you have plently of tools to teach a varied student body. There is also a strong emphasis on subtle energy practices and a lot of time is spent on pranayama and meditation.

How much emphasis is given on teaching
methodology and Practice?

We believe that theory is only the starting point of yoga (as Guruji Pattabhi Jois famously put it 99% practice, 1% theory) and ensure that the courses we run are as interactive and practical as possible. None of our courses have more than 20 students. We ensure that there is plenty of opportunity for practice teaching including 2 practical exams with peer and tutor feedback to help you develop as a teacher.

Will I be able to teach after the course?

A small proportion of yoga students will commit to decades of study with a senior teacher (such as an iyengar or ashtanga practice) or come with a strong interest in mediation and subtle yoga . However, in the current environment, especially the UAE and the Middle East, people come for very physical reasons: body conditioning, detoxification, loose weight and burn calories; all relating to their bodies and with an ‘instant results’ mentality . The yoga experience in the Modern World is criticized for being inauthentic.

Yogafirst programs are designed to reach people from those initial expectations but still educate and expand their awareness of yoga and its benefits. All of graduates are ready to teach if they wish to, and we believe that although yoga is expanding, the need for well-trained teachers is still very high. With all the problems faced by the modern world we believe this work is critical and that there are so many people out there who need help and safe, effective guidance into yoga. We train teachers to do just that in a clear, non-invasive and tangible way.

Can I Certify With Yoga Alliance?

Our course has been approved by Yoga Alliance USA and we abide by their strict quality standards.
Like all 200 hour courses we cover the following:

  • Techniques and Yoga Practice – 60%
  • Alignment & Anatomy – 10%
  • Philosophy and Lifestyle – 15%
  • Teaching Methodology – 10%
  • Practicum/ Teaching Practice – 5%

  • Daily Schedule

    Course Breakdown
    Mornings: 2-3 hours of morning yoga practice (including dynamic asana, asana intensives,
    pranayama and meditation

    Afternoons: Interactive Learning Experiences, Teaching Practice and late afternoon
    practice (including yin and restaroative yoga)

    Module 1: Foundations of Yoga
    •Level one sequencing (Standing Poses,
    Seated Poses, Basic Level Inverts, Simple Arm
    •The History of Yoga and Yoga in the modern
    •Yoga Anatomy and Alignment Principles for
    all types of movements
    •The Anatomy of breathing
    •Pranayama practice and techniques suit
    able for everyone
    •Relaxation Techniques
    •How to instruct a yoga class: principles for
    set up and how to give teaching points
    •Practical experience teaching a safe, effec-
    tive class (gentle or dynamic yoga)
    Module 2: Subtle Yoga Practices And
    Sequence Design

    •Level Two sequencing (Handstands, Twists,
    Backbends, Deeper hip Stretches, Arm
    •Yoga Sequencing Theory Toolbox
    •What is Vinyasa, different types of vinyasa
    and their application
    •Chakras, energy priciples and using the
    chakra system to design a class
    •Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – applying the yamas
    and niyamas
    •Chitta Vrtti; studying the fluctuations of the
    •Pranayama Techniques for energetic classes
    •Teaching practice (design and teach your
    own sequence)
    •Teaching methodology to develop your
    own individual style as a teacher
    Module 3: Yoga Therapy
    •Level 3 self practice or class sequence (Headstands, Forearm stands, Core and Power,
    Shoulder Flexibility)
    •Physical adjustments for yoga asana
    •Ayuvedic principles (tridosha) and practical application
    •Analysis Techniques for Yogatherapy
    •Analyzing bone structure differences in individuals and how eveyone’s yoga is unique
    •Designing a sequence for a 1:1 class and practical case study
    •Using music in a yoga class effectively
    •The Hatha Yoga Pradipica and it’s modern application
    •Chanting pratice
    •Meditation Practice


    We are the only yoga school in the Middle East to offer a modular pattern of training. You can chose to take Module 1 of a course and then join in Module 2 and 3 of a later course. Contact us if this is your prefered pattern. We offer 300 hour courses to upgrade to 500 hours (in South India annually during the Summer), prenatal teacher training and swing yoga teacher training.

    We are the only yoga school in the Middle East to offer a modular pattern of training. You can chose to take Module 1 of a course and then join in Module 2 and 3 of a later course. Contact us if this is your prefered pattern.

    What about further studies once I have finished?

    We offer 300 hour courses to upgrade to 500 hours (in South India annually duringthe Summer), prenatal teacher training and swing yoga teacher training.

    Testimonials From Our Students:

    Training reviews by previous graduates visit our official Yoga Alliance

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