What Is Swing Yoga

  • "The Soul is here for its own joy" - Rumi
  • "Practice alone brings success, this is true without a doubt" - Hatha Yoga Pradipica "Practice alone brings success, this is true without a doubt" - Hatha Yoga Pradipica "Practice alone brings success, this is true without a doubt" - Hatha Yoga Pradipica
  • "The Only Journey is the One Within" - Rainer Maria Rilke
  • "Of the thousands of yoga asanas created by Lord Shiva only a few are suitable to the human body; but what if we could fly like birds or swim like fishes? Then what amazing expressions of life could we celebrate?" - Peewee Sanchez


Swing yoga is aerial yoga re-defined. It is an aerial flow yoga experience that makes anti gravity trainig accessible to all. Just like other traditional forms of yoga, Swing yoga practitioners experience an increase in strength and flexibility, detoxifying effect on internal system, therapy for special health issues, improved concentration and fine tuning the body for elevation of the kundalini energy, much like regular yoga.

Roots of Swing Yoga?

Swing yoga is inspired by Indian yoga master BKS Iyengar. He developed yoga with a focus on using props as a way to heal the body and mind. Swing Yoga is also grounded in the Ayurvedic tridosha concept and Swing Yoga certified teachers are able to create sequences that are safer for the body with less feelings of dizziness and discomfort that is present in other aerial yoga workouts.

Who is Swing Yoga for?

Swing Yoga is suitable for all levels. With the support of the swing, the practitioners can gauge how far they want to take their practice. For the more advanced individuals, swing yoga is a good way to try out more challenging postures in a safe environment. With Swing Yoga being widely accepted by all levels of yoga practitioners and for therapy , we present you comprehensive swing yoga class videos, which are one of a kind. Each class focuses on one area of the body and mind, emphasizing on alignment and precision. The use of the swing allows people of different levels of different levels to do the same pose, as more advanced students without feeling inadequate. Contact us today for Yoga Teachers Training in Dubai and become a Corporate Yoga Teacher.

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